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Look at all of the totally-not-racist-white-people!



Look at them. 

trigger warning for extremely racist portrayals of people of color.

This reminds me of this one time in highschool where an upperclassman came to school in blackface because he was playing Othello in a skit for english class. Charms as also there (I think).

I work up the nerve to approach them and here’s the jist of what happened.

Me: Why do you have brown paint on your face?

Upperclassman: Because I’m Othello.

Me: Oh.

A perfect opportunity to get wildly upset and I squander it. Go me.

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    the world is full of idiots.
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    what in the fucking fuck please die. every single one of you. I shouldn’t be surprised by this — and that’s fucked up.
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    What the literal fuck is this?
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    The bottom ones. The “gardening” ones… that’s disgusting. I can’t believe that people like this exist. The black face at...
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    A perfect opportunity to get wildly upset and I squander it. Go me.
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    Mary, mother of God, what the shit is wrong with people?
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    Are you paying attention to what you’re doing? Are you really? You’ve derailed the post & centered the entire discussion...
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    You say that you believe what I say, yet you are calling me “childish” for telling you that your statements are STILL...
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    what how fucking stupid do those college students have to be to not know about blackface or realize this was a terrible...
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    I want to puke all over them
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    That is called internalized racism that is different from racism. They aren’t racist they are prejudice and they are...
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